SUPPORT Kisoro Orphan Care Program/CEAPU

africa_mapChristian Efforts against Poverty Uganda (CEAPU), is a registered community based non-governmental organization located in Kisoro District, in southwestern Uganda. CEAPU was established in 2015 by committed young leader Alex Munyantwari from Kisoro District to meet the needs of the most critically vulnerable children and their families in their community. Kisoro district is bordering Rwanda and Congo and suffers from hunger as a result of hosting refugees and also wars. The district is also hit by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Many widows and vulnerable children reside in this district. Although education is highly valued throughout Uganda, only a few children are enrolled in primary and secondary schools throughout the country, with children from rural regions and girls making up the largest percentage of children out of school. In Kisoro district, only a few of the children complete all levels of secondary school (junior and senior high school).

Since its founding, CEAPU has responded to community needs. Providing Education and other basic needs to the project beneficiaries.

The children sponsored through CEAPU are able to attend primary and secondary education.

Thank you all for your support. This would not have been possible without you.

For more information visit our website



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