The Solution

Child with torn school uniformUganda’s cycle of poverty is a generations old problem. Families have no alternative but to just do the best that they can. Often, parents have to make decisions such as which of their children to feed on any given day or to let a sick child go untreated because treating the child’s illness will mean that all of the other children will be put at risk as well.

While these circumstances may be unimaginable in many parts of the world, in Uganda these extreme circumstances are simply called life.

But there is a solution. The solution is profound in its simplicity and accessibility. The solution is you.

It is the mission of Christian Efforts Against Poverty Uganda to partner people like you with the people who need you the most. We have faith in God and our fellow Christians that we are not alone in our mission.

Take a moment to think about how much of a burden $150 per year would be on you and your family. Monthly, that amounts to approximately $12.50 per month. While this number may seem insignificant to you, it is in fact the difference between a child in Uganda growing up with an education and a child in Uganda simply growing older.

We understand that everyone has needs. We understand that everyone’s budget is already full. So we don’t ask for your help lightly. It is our hope that you will not offer your help lightly. Changing a child’s life is no small thing. We only ask that you take a moment to seriously consider the impact of $150-$200 per year on your life. And if, after taking the time to consider, you determine that the impact will be minimal, we ask that you give us the time to show you how profound the impact will be for our children.

You cannot change the lives of all of the struggling children in Uganda. But you can change one. And that is all we ask.

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