6 Ways to help ceapu orphan care program.


Each New Year brings change and a chance to create new resolutions. As we look for ways to love the Lord and love our neighbors, it’s impossible to ignore the outstanding needs of orphans around the world. This year, invite your friends, family, and co-workers to join you in the movement to care for orphans! Whether it’s a parenting group, Bible study, book club, your family, or your co-workers, you can share in the giving spirit and commit to caring for orphans together! Here are seven ideas:


While buying a cup of coffee is a morning ritual for many of us, there are more economical ways to get your caffeine fix than to spend money at a coffee shop. Commit to brewing a cup at home and saving the $2/cup to donate to ceapu orphanage! You can create a friendly competition with your group to see who brews the best pot, who goes the most days without visiting a coffee shop, or who raises the most money! With everyone saving $2/day and combining it after a few months, it can become a sizable contribution! Encourage each other to avoid the drive-thru and commit to brewing at home for the next few months.


  1. BECOME A CHILD SPONSOR WITH CEAPU orphan care program

This is a great option for a group who meets regularly (i.e. Bible study or book club). As a group, commit to becoming a child sponsor for the next year. This type of sponsorship gives individuals and families a chance to participate in the adoption process even if they are not in the place to adopt themselves! And your group will receive information about the specific child you choose to help.


Ceapu orphan care program is always looking for volunteers to help with various tasks and assignments. Volunteers use their talents and gifts to make a great impact in the lives of orphaned children around the world. Specifically, we can always use help at our office in Uganda. Your group can also volunteer its time at local churches or organizations that focus on orphan care! Contact Adam Purvis adam@stickmanviz.com

 for more information.


As a group of friends, each member brings a different perspective to the table. Praying together allows each group member to see a fuller picture of God’s redemptive story of adoption. As a group, pray for waiting for children, adoptive families, and for the movement to care for orphans that focus on a specific child!


CEAPU orphan care program advocates are grassroots leaders who raise funds and awareness in their communities by utilizing their talents, gifts, and passions to speak up for orphans in distress. They’re donating birthdays, running marathons, and hosting garage sales…all to restore the HOPE of a family to waiting children around the world. Above all, our advocates are a voice for the fatherless. Together with your friends, family, church, or group, you can become CEAPU advocates and organize a project or event to raise funds or supplies for orphans in distress. To learn more visit http://www.ceapu.com


This year, your group can join CEAPU on a short-term trip to explore God’s heart for orphans and the role you can play in caring for them! When God says in James 1:27 to “care” for the orphan, the word used for care also implies “visit.” There’s a sense where we can’t just stay in our comfortable world, but we’ve got to go out as a light into the darkness. We must go to the waiting children who need hope and care for them in their distress. How will you “go” to care for orphans?

As you look for ways to join the movement to care for orphans, consider the many avenues available with Ceapu orphans care program! Browse our website to learn more about our project, ways to get involved, and other creative ways to care for orphans. We are excited to partner with individuals, groups, and families who share God’s heart for orphans.



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