The Children

We are currently seeking sponsors for the following children. If you would like to sponsor a child, please contact us via the form at the bottom of this page. Please include the name of the child you would like to offer assistance, as well as the date when you would be available to begin sponsorship. Interested sponsors will be contacted about the details and responsibilities of a sponsor before their support may be offered to the children.

Am always thankful to God for you and the good work you are doing as written in 1st Thessalonians 5:16-18 and I believe that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. – Samson (sponsored child)


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AmonAmon’s father drives a bicycle transport for a living and the mother digs for others. They have 5 children. Even with both parents working, Amon will not be able to attend school because of the expense of school fees.


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IsabellaIsabella’s father works as a laborer in a woodworking shop. The money he brings in barely pays for the essential elements of day-to-day life, leaving no room for medical emergencies or school fees.


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JuniorJunior lives with his grandmother. His father abandoned his family and moved 10 hours away, to Kampala, when Junior was three years old.


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JadresJadres’s father works as a security guard, providing for the family of five. Her mother works as a casual laborer, carrying stones, digging in the gardens, or washing clothes. Even with their work, the needs of the family are barely met.

Racheal M

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RachealMRacheal’s father is a motorcycle driver. Her mother works a casual labor. She comes from a family of five. Rachael currently attends primary school at the P2 level. Without support, her schooling will end before she enters secondary.


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JollyBoth of Jolly’s parents are laborers, working hard to provide for their eight children. But on the wages of a casual laborer, providing for such a large family proves a challenge, leaving no room for the possibility of paying school fees.

Racheal T

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RachaelTRachael’s father drives a bicycle in the city of Kampala, 10 hours away, rarely coming home. Her mother provides for the family by selling a particular kind of dirt used in construction. Racheal is seven years old.


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EliyaEliya’s father works as casual labor. Her older brothers attend school, but consume all of the family’s money in school fees and books. Without support, Eliya will be unable to attend school, as her brothers have.


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SarahSarah’s mother is too ill to leave home and without the means to receive medical care. The father struggles with alcohol, feeding the habit by begging. She is believed to be around ten years old, but with no birth documents the parents are unsure.


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BrianBrian is the child of a delinquent father. His mother is left to provide for the children on her own, working as casual labor.
Her income is sufficient only to feed her children, leaving no room for medical care or education.

The Rest

This is all that remains of our initial list of at-risk children. We have been so blessed by the response of our supporters. We’ve paired many of our children with sponsors who have already begun changing lives. It is our intention to find sponsors for our remaining children and focus our efforts on the sustained support of our children until the time when God allows us the opportunity to expand.

Please help us. Already, children’s live have begun to change right in front of our eyes. But we still have work to do. Join us. Help us give our remaining children the opportunity that they deserve.

Please include child’s name and projected start date for sponsorship