After receiving several items in preparation for going back to school Blankets,books and soap.

How much does it cost to sponsor a kid?

How much does it cost to sponsor a child? If you choose to sponsor a child, the cost is only $39 per month. Yes. We encourage you to give additional monetary gifts for special occasions, to address specific needs, or simply as an act of love.

What does sponsoring a child mean?

Child sponsorship is a type of fundraising in which a charitable organization associates a donor sponsor with a particular child beneficiary. The sponsor receives updates from the child, typically including photos and translated letters, which helps create the appearance of a personal relationship with the child.

How do I sponsor an African child?

There are currently over 1,000 children who are in need of support to access services. For just $39/month you can sponsor a child in Africa and help provide an orphaned or abandoned child with a loving home. Through your child sponsorship, your sponsored child receives: A safe and nurturing environment.

Is 14 still a child?

Yes, you are most certainly still a child. Some people of that age prefer to be known as a young person, but legally you are still a child. Yes, you are very much still a child. You’ll reach adolescence at 16, legal adulthood at 18, but you probably won’t really feel adult until about 21 years old when you become mature.

How can I sponsor a child?

Sponsor a child, and your monthly gift helps bring essentials like clean water, nutrition, education, basic healthcare, and hope to your sponsored child and the community. When you sponsor a child, you can build a relationship with your child through letters photos and visits.

Christian Efforts Against poverty Beneficiaries after receiving Vaseline. Thank you for your support. 

How do you choose whom to help and whom someone else must help?

Here are 7 suggestions.

  1. Choose a child who has been waiting the longest.

There are children who have been waiting for months and months, hoping and praying that the Lord will bring them a sponsor. Are you the answer to their prayers?

  1. Let your kids pick.

When many of us talk about sponsorship, one of the things we point out is how it has transformed the lives of our kids. Our kids have learned caring, sharing and empathy. They’ve learned to write letters. Sponsorship has sparked their interest in the world around them.

Give your children ownership in the sponsorship process.

The thought and care they put into the decision just may surprise you.

    3. Consider a child who is mentally or physically challenged.

Do you have a heart for children living with a medical condition? Perhaps it’s a population you work with. Consider taking your ministry global and sponsor a child who is mentally or physically challenged.

Your sponsorship will help that child access treatment and support. Your letters and prayers will bring him or her hope.

  1. Browse

We have thousands of unsponsored children here on ceapu. You may find a child who grabs your heart.

  1. Pray.

Isn’t it ultimately God who leads us down the right path? Pray for guidance. Pray that God will bring you to that one child whom you are perfectly and ideally able to love, nurture and care for.

  1. Find a child who shares your birthday.

Kids think it’s cool to share a birthday — your Ceapu kid will, too. It’s a special link to share with another person.

  1. 7. Let us decide.

If you are ready to sponsor but prefer not to choose, we can select a child for you.

Edith After receiving her gifts from her Australian sponsor through Post Office.


P.O Box 114 kisoro Uganda.

Have more questions about ceapu and how we work?

We know that donating to a charity is an important decision, and encourage you to fully research an organization before you donate. If you have any unanswered questions about Ceapu’s commitment to financial integrity or how we help those in need, please contact us today.



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