Why We Do It

Many years ago, someone took a stand on behalf of Alex Munyantwari, the founder of this organization. That person said that they would not allow Alex to fall away into simply doing the best he could do. That person decided that they would help Alex to be the best he could be. That person’s name was Budeaux and he was twelve years old. Alex continued to progress through school until the school fees became too much for his sponsor. Although Budeaux could no longer support Alex directly, he directed Alex to the Mother’s Union at Willowfield Parish Church who took on his school fees until the end of his senior schooling. When Alex was accepted into university, the Mother’s Union could no longer support him. This is when Dan Yleana Newton took over the sponsorship.

Over his life, Alex had three sponsors. Today, he still remembers each one of them gratefully.

We, as a people, will be judged by how we provide for our children; spiritually, mentally, and physically. Because we, as a people, will one day be replaced by our children.

Without us, there are children all over Uganda that will simply have to do the best they can. So the question remains: who are we if we simply stand aside and let that happen? The answer is simple: we will never let ourselves find out.