How To Help

A child was walking down a beach. The tide had washed up thousands of starfish. The child was picking up starfish, as he walked, and putting them into his bucket.

A man walked up to him and asked, “Are you collecting all of those starfish?”

The child shook his head and answered, “No, sir. I’m putting them back into the ocean. If I don’t, they’ll die before the tide comes back in.”

The man looked down the beach at the expanse of stranded starfish. Then he looked down at the child and said, “Look how many there are. You think you can save all of them?”

The child picked up another starfish and held it up. He answered, “No, sir. But I can save this one.”

You can not save all of the poverty stricken children in Uganda. But you can save one. Please contact us to find out how.