20180320_182824As we engage in the attempt to decrease child deaths annually from 12 million, CEAPU (Christian efforts against poverty Uganda) has vowed to take the lead in this provided the resources can allow. We have decided to tackle all angles to allow a child meant to die a chance to life (Partner with us please) we are calling upon all those who are able to participate in this by sponsoring at least only one child. We are also making alarm to ‘Child Survival — Call to Action’ that needs a very quick response.

20180320_182903We have a mother who needs special intervention. She was operated and has 3 new born baby boys who are now one week old. She is in need of your support. Here is a little more information about her and her family.

Her name is Mbabazi Ruth,She is married and she is 40 years.

She is from

Rwakaru Village

Karengeri parish

Muko subcounty


Her other children are

1.Maniriho Miria-23 years

2.Fedias Annet-20 years

3.Nyiratora Jolly-18 years

4.Kyokushaba Rosete-15 years

5.Ruhangariyo Pamela-12 years

6.Manishimwe Henry-9 years

7.Birungi Edgar-6 years

And the now born triplets whose names are:




If there be more information needed let me know. The hospital discharged her on Tuesday 27/3/2017 your intervention done may help these babies to survive early death. Write to us at

Or email us on



20180319_084713Due to the rise in childhood deaths and the failure of poor children to go to schools to learn better ways to live, CEAPU was born in 2015 to find a lasting solution to the community problems. Which we are indeed doing so well. Thanks to all our child sponsors for the work you are doing.

Recognizing that ministries of health in most developing countries lacked, enough resources and so need such projects programs to complement their work is so important, As Christian Efforts Against Poverty, We call upon other  non-governmental organizations to promote child survival. In this era of mobile phones, Facebook, Twitter, the internet and today’s social media, such social mobilization and groups we can change the situation at hand if we work together.

Initially, CEAPU faced opposition from many who accused us doubting the sustainability of our project but by God’s grace and our generous sponsors we are able to support the children under our care. We now have two students in secondary school. But eventually our critics are convinced that our vision for development, creating success stories with those supported with little resources and interventions, we are achieving our overall goal of combating poverty, and providing education and basic needs of life to the poor which will finally produce mature people who can support both themselves and their families.

We believe that with your partnership we can be able to go further. Just commit to sponsor only one child. It costs you only $39 a month. We thank you so much for your support. God bless you.

btn_GiveFor more information visit us at you and also send write to


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