A Sponsor

And so you ask,who is a sponsor? To us as a project, staff and sponsored children a sponsor is the important person in the life of the child for the child is taught how to love through all our programs. Child sponsorship allows an individual, typically in a developed country, to sponsor, or fund a child in a developing country until the child becomes self-sufficient. This could mean financially supporting the education, health, spiritual and security needs  of the sponsored child. Your sponsorship ensures your sponsored child receives support through every phase of his or her young life. It provides health care, nutritional support to help your child stay healthy,and caters for the child’s spiritual needs. Your sponsored child will also receive basic necessities like school shoes and clothing, school uniforms, tuition and other school supplies so that poverty doesn’t stand in the way of his or her education. When your sponsored child reaches age 14, he or she will have access to a world-class Youth Program full of activities designed to transform youth into confident and responsible young christian adults prepared for success. Skills training being so important in the lives of these children we shall have as many skills as possible to ensure every child fits in the system. Will you sponsor a child with CEAPU?

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