Children Set For School

IMG_4021Praise the Lord dear friends in the Lord. I am so happy and exited,do not ask why? Because  I definitely must answer you. All the children registered with Christian Efforts Against Poverty Uganda both those with sponsors and those who are not yet sponsored are now at school they reported on Monday 18/May/2015 after receiving a wonderful donation of Books,Pens,and pencils from the Purvis family. Their parents were so happy, danced and sung songs to the Lord in appreciation  the school materials received. I wish you were there to just see what was happening . I am sure it was a very big blessing to our children and to the Donor, the Bible puts it clear that it is actually more blessed to give than to receive. Do it also you will be blessed. if you want to know more on how you can do the same contact me on the contact or if you want to know about the available children to sponsor go to the children s page. you can e-mail me on    waiting for you

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